When Nightmares Come to Town
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The Stranger in the Shadows

Tommy Riley is your average 6th grader, but not for long. He’s thrust into a darkness that his small town of Pittsboro has never seen the likes of before. He hears frightening whispers, his sister is missing, his parents are acting strangely, and the new shop owner in town gives him the creeps! Searching for answers, Tommy and his friends must determine what is real and who to trust, and what they find will chill them to the bone. Tommy must find the courage to escape this nightmare and the shadows that lurk within . . .   

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When Nightmares Come to Town

When Nightmares Come to Town© is a brand-new middle grade fiction series from up-and-coming author Alan Wray. The series is full of chills and thrills that will have young readers turning each page in frightful delight! Each new story will immerse young readers in a world of magic, monsters, and mystery. What will you do when nightmares come to your town?

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